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‘And my thanks are due … careful copy-editing of the manuscript … helpful comments and recommen­dations which did much to improve it.’ – Sir H. Phillips

‘Grateful thanks are due to …, my editor … without all of whom this book would never have appeared.’ – O. Knowles

‘… the copy-edit[er], also deserves a note of gratitude for her splendid work under immense pressure of time.’ – S. Tsang

‘I also acknowledge with deep appreciation the efforts of … of Oxford Publishing Services, who prepared what I think is an elegant text.’ – C. Cooper

‘A word of thanks is due … for undertaking the difficult work of preparing the manuscript for publication.’ – C. E. Farah

‘I am very grateful to … Jason Cohen for his expertise with the visual material and Selina Cohen for her expert editorial assistance.’ – S. Wright

‘Thanks are due to my publishers, notably … and [OPS] for their enthusiasm and cooperation in the publication of this book.’ – A. Hayward

‘Our thanks … for her meticulous copy-editing, which called upon her to work with the drafts of authors whose first language is not English’ – G. Jonker and S. Thobani (eds)

‘Thanks to my copy editor for her wonderful cooperation.’ – M. Hadjipavlou

‘I am particularly grateful to [OPS] for their invaluable editing assistance’ – F. Pheasant-Kelly

‘Oxford Publishing Services expertly provided the essential technical and indexing support required’ – V. K. Fast

We can prepare your manuscript for the publisher or help you self-publish.

Assuming you have a publisher:

  • We undertake to ascertain exactly what your publisher would like us to do for your book. (Publishers invariably have a house style to which they want all their authors to conform.)
  • We make the preliminary pages and add an index (if you want one).
  • We professionally copy-edit and typeset the book.
  • We send you and your publisher a set of proofs to ensure that you are both happy. In the event of a more comprehensive copy-edit being considered necessary, we are happy to send you a sample chapter for approval in advance.
  • We charge you directly (unless the publisher has agreed to pay us) and then send the finished files to the publisher to check before passing them on to the printer.

For more information see the section: Help and Guidance.

Price and schedule – obviously these vary depending on the project. Contact us for an estimate.

If you want us to publish your book:

  • We can publish your book (although we do not undertake marketing or distribution). If you want your manuscript professionally turned into a book, with any number of copies, this is the option for you. We maintain high publishing standards and ensure that all content meets our quality criteria before release. If we do not think your book is suitable for us, we can advise on alternatives, including how you could self-publish.
  • We will sort out the ISBN.
  • We make sure the copyright libraries get their obligatory copies.
  • We can arrange a professional cover designer to create an original cover for your book.
  • We will negotiate with the printers.
  • You will own the copyright. All profits from sales go to you. We just charge a flat fee to get the job done and the books are sent to your address.
  • Alternatively, we can upload the book to Amazon. It will be listed on the Amazon website and they will print and deliver the book worldwide. We can also produce a Kindle version. This is a great option if you want your book to be accessible to everyone.

For more information see the section: Help and Guidance.

Price and schedule ‒ obviously these vary depending on the project. Contact us for an estimate.

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