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‘I also would like to thank Selina Cohen for her strenuous work in the preparation of this work.’ – U. Uzer

‘Our thanks … for her meticulous copy-editing, which called upon her to work with the drafts of authors whose first language is not English’ – G. Jonker and S. Thobani (eds)

‘Thanks are due to my publishers, notably … and [OPS] for their enthusiasm and cooperation in the publication of this book.’ – A. Hayward

We have produced, at a rough estimate, more than 300 books for leading and cutting edge publishers, mainly in the social sciences and humanities.

We have more than 18 years’ experience in managing a leading social science journal. This involves working with editors, publisher and authors and we frequently encounter authors for whom English is a second language. We copy-edit and typeset, check the articles for consistency, send the authors their proofs and incorporate their corrections. We also create the final PDFs and assign DOI numbers for the online versions.

The advantages of using our services are:

  • Cost ‒ we are very competitively priced.
  • Speed ‒ we are experienced and work hard to meet tight deadlines.
  • One stop ‒ instead of sending the manuscript back and forth to various professionals, just send it to us for all your production needs.
  • We liaise with authors and with your production department.

Price and schedule ‒ obviously these vary depending on the project. Contact us for an estimate.

A few of our books