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helpHere are ten steps to becoming a published author. Not all need apply to your project but we can help with any or all of them.

1. Decide how you would like to be published

Find a publisher (The Writer’s Handbook published by Macmillan is a good source for these) or get us to publish your book. Do you want a printed book, an ebook, or both?

2. Make sure your manuscript is in electronic form

If your manuscript is not in electronic form then it will need to be scanned using Optical Character Recognition. This can be time-consuming, so please allow for this. We can also scan any images you have (maps, photos and diagrams) but please make sure you have the necessary permissions to use them.

3. Copy-edit

Copy-editing is the painstaking process of checking consistency, grammar, spelling, references and so on. Judith Butcher’s Copyediting: The Cambridge Handbook is a good reference book to help with this but it is a skilled job best done by our professionals.

4. Typeset

Choosing a design for the page and implementing it: the font and the laying out of the text. The Oxford Style Manual is a good book for information on this (and on copy-editing) but again this is a job best left to our professionals.

5. Make the preliminary pages

These are all the pages before page 1.

6. Make an index

This can be a simple list of names, organisations and places, or a much more conceptually-led index.

7. Produce a set of proofs for the author

At this stage you will have an opportunity to check for errors and review the work.

8. Proofread

Once we have incorporated your corrections, a fresh pair of eyes scrutinizes the book for any errors that may still remain.

9. Produce the final files

We convert our files into ones that printers can use with their presses or ones that Amazon can use.

10. Finishing touches

Obtain the file for the cover from the cover designer, assign you one of our ISBNs, or use one provided by the publisher.

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